Love’s Meaning

Some people would try to ru’in love’s meaning –

To call it but marriage and leave’t at that.

I find myself at a diff’rent leaning,

Where love is but love, and hence that is what

To one’s perception, many would lay flat

Everything they own for one eve’ning

With the one they love – one moment whereat

E’en the harshest heart can be caught singing.

But alas, my gentle heart, not today….

What has the world come to that people would

Shut the door on love, and instead relay

What they hear from ‘far, and claim I, too, should?

But darling,

I love you with a love straight from the heart,

Not by love diluted with Heaven’s art.



This is sort of my response to these whole “Religious Freedom” bills passed by North Carolina and now Mississippi. I’m a bit torn because I believe in liberty. I mean, if I own my home, I can refuse anyone I want entry into my residence, with or without a solid reason. And yet, if I decided to operate a small business out of my home and sell wooden figurines or something, but refused sales to particular groups of people, then all of a sudden it would be a problem.

So, as a staunch libertarian, I can support the rights of businesses to operate in any way they feel like. After all, this only makes anti-LGBT businesses that much easier to boycott.

So in essence, I suppose I’m more disappointed in our society for turning nonissues into huge issues. So I’m more mad at society than I am at government, because on the whole, these discrimination laws wouldn’t be able to exist if it weren’t for society. And even if the laws did exist in a perfect society, no businesses would refuse service to the LGBT community anyway, just because they’d be operated by reasonable human beings. So if someone refuses service in response to these bills, then that just shows that they were shitty people the whole time.

I don’t know. There’s so much discussion over the issue. What are your thoughts? Someone change my mind, PLEASE! I promise not to kick anyone off my blog for being gay or something. All are welcome in my tiny world!


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