My Cosmic Heart

She blushed brightly.

I think her cheeks would have

Outshined any star in the sky.

She loved so deeply,

Her heart might have collapsed

Under the gravity of its own adoration.

But even if it were to do so,

The resulting supernova

Could not even have diminished

The light gleaming off of her soft cheeks.


My space and my time

Bent about her

As if she were a space-time singularity:

Bending inwardly

To infinity.

Bending inwardly

To the deepest depths of her soul.


As I’ve always said,


Let your love be as dense as a space-time singularity –

Love her to infinity.


And as such,

Between her and me

There was no space at all.

With an embrace so tight,

We invaded the bonds of the molecules between us.

As our flesh melded,

The atoms between us were crushed.

With all the energy released,

You’d think we could power the world,

Except that all the energy expelled

Generates this love I have

For her in my cosmic heart.