Why You Should Date a Marxist

It’s so sad that people tend to take unconditional love for granted. I’ve looked up this problem on different occasions and pretty much every relationship blog says the same thing: people value that which is perceived as scarce.

A common example is diamonds. People want diamonds so badly just because they’re scarce. (Or, more accurately, because they’re made artificially scarce). And we’re taught in society to value things that appear scarce.

That’s capitalism for you! If you have this problem, you should really consider dating a Marxist.

You should never feel the need to win or earn anyone’s love. Love isn’t a damn commodity! And it’s not naturally scarce in any sense of the word. Love should flow through us like the Tao. Because damn it, love is the way!

We learn to only love when it’s earned but to hate everything for any and no reason at all. It’s so ass backwards!

Seriously think about it: people who freely produce unconditional love are like a nuclear fusion reactor fueled by love atoms (so basically a love star) and yet people would apparently rather have a steam engine love machine? (We’re gonna ignore that that would make for an amazing punk cabaret band).

It’s terribly frustrating. And to these love capitalists, another’s love is just an object they can manipulate.