Seahorse (EP)


This was my attempt at a one-man indie rock band. This project consists of me running frantically between guitar, bass, drums, and vocals in only the most highly sophisticated of garages.

11026291_972612289416864_2128925061637535700_nThe phrase “jack of all trades, master of none” might appropriately come to mind. But I am very passionate about music. I know everyone says this. But at 19 years old, I was already a divorced single dad with 2 beautiful little girls. The months prior to gaining sole custody of them, while going through divorce and custody battles, was perhaps one of the roughest patches of my life. During this time, music was the only thing I had to turn to. I wrote what would become my debut solo EP, Seahorse (Get it? Because in seahorse species, the males give birth to the babies!), at this point. It was maybe the only thing keeping me going. I can no longer see music as a form of entertainment. I don’t write and play music to pass the time. I write and play it to survive.

I don’t put my heart and soul into writing music in the hopes of becoming rich and famous. Which is why my music is available for free stream or download. I just hope it can touch people.

Stream or Download my debut 6-song EP here:


Even though I offer my music for free, I also have physical copies for sale through Amazon’s Createspace for you hipsters out there who still insist on using physical media.

“[Gene Therapy’s] story is evident in the way his lyrics flow with all the emotion of a classical poet and are further complimented by intricate rhythms and powerful progressions. The album makes full use of dynamic range, with some aggressive in-your-face riffs that flow abruptly into smooth, soulful passages.”

Surrounding Sounds Media

 I feel so legitimate to be able to inform all my fans (all dozen of you!) that I now have band tees in varying styles available.

One of my fans, Cari (right), from New York was kind enough to model her new Gene Therapy tank top and send it in. I think the logo turned out nicely.




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